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Veterinarians in Meridian, MS

Are you looking for a veterinarian in Meridian Mississippi? Whether you have a cat or a dog, one of these local veterinarian clinics can help care for your pet. Each veterinarian practice may offer different services, as well as take different types of pets. If you are looking for an exotic pet veterinarian be sure to ask if they have someone who specializes in your specific exotic pet. Most veterinary clinics will require you to make an appointment or call before arriving. They may have limited appointments available, so if you know your pet needs to be seen, call to get on their schedule today.

Meridian Animal Care Center

Number: (601) 693-3940

Address: 5010A Poplar Springs Dr, Meridian, MS 39305


Meridian Animal Care Center and Riverbirch Animal Care Center and Riverbirch Animal Care Center are full service animal hospitals and will take both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. All our doctors are experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinics comfortable, kid-friendly, and a very calm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own Meridian veterinarians

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Till-Newell Animal Hospital

Number: (601) 485-8049

Address: 2200 Old Hwy 45 N, Meridian, MS 39301


Till-Newell Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Meridian, Mississippi. Founded in 1959, by Dr. Allen Till, we are the oldest veterinary hospital in Meridian. This hospital was founded on the simple principle of giving our clients and their pets the best quality of care. Today, that is still our main objective. If you are looking for a veterinarian, we would love the opportunity to help meet your needs. We have four full time veterinarians on staff. There is no need to call and make an appointment; walk-ins are always welcome.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Saturday: 7am - 5:30pm
  • Sunday: 9am - 1pm

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Poplar Springs Animal Hospital

Number: (601) 693-7333

Address: 4915 Poplar Springs Dr, Meridian, MS 39305


"One of the things that makes this practice special is our heritage," said Dr. Chip. "It gives me a finer appreciation of Meridian and its people — this is MY home and I have dedicated myself to being a true contributor to the community." The staff agrees. Poplar Springs Animal Hospital often has the burden in today's world of finding abandoned or hurt pets on our doorstep. With no questions asked, we help. We also find homes.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Saturday: 7am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 5am - 6pm

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Help Finding A Veterinarian In Meridian Mississippi

With advances in pet health and newer technologies, our pets are now living longer and healthier lives. Part of this is due to the accessibility of quality veterinary care. A pet owner who has their cat or dog checked on a regular basis will see their pet live a longer and happier life. Preventive care has made large advancements over the years, which allows a pet owner to monitor for early signs of sickness or other diseases.

Being able to find a qualified veterinarian in Meridian should be a top priority for any pet owner. Just like we look for a well referred or reviewed doctor, we should take that same care to find a well referred and reviewed veterinarian. This veterinarian will be with you for the life of your pet. They will know their health history and health issues that need to be watched.

What To Look For In A Meridian Veterinarian

Before choosing your veterinarian you should first find out if they are a well-reviewed practice. A simple search online will help answer that question. Do not rely solely on reviews, but also ask trusted friends and family who they currently see.

With so many Meridian veterinary practices to choose from, be sure you know how far they are from where you live. In case of an emergency, you want to be able to go to your local vet who already knows the health history of your pet. Keep in mind that many veterinary practices might not be equipped to take emergencies. If they do not they will usually have an emergency vet or animal hospital that they refer to or have a working relationship with.

Are There Walk-In Clinics In Meridian MS?

Most veterinarians now require appointments in order to be seen at their clinic. With new rules being put into place, you may want to call one of the Meridian vets listed above before taking your pet. In some emergency cases, the vet can probably see your pet without having an appointment. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, you will still need to call your local veterinarian to see if they see emergency cases. Most places will require a call before so that they can be prepared for your arrival. They may even refer you to a local animal hospital or emergency veterinarian if they do not feel they can take your pet.

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